Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Well ive been reading other peoples blogs for a while and thought well no one would read if i did one, well im putting that to the test lol!

So about me, im 29 turning the big 30 in november and dreading it, i have three children aged 7,3 and 2, ive been through some bad stuff in my life but made it out the other end and found myself settled down engaged to be married and as happy as i can be at the minute and i am currently writing a book, im giving nothing away so far as its really early days and who knows if it will even be published but i have to try!

I have one dream at the minute and thats to learn to drive and in the village i live in its a blessing if you can drive as the bus routes are pants!

Well i'll leave it there for now and hopefully have something to tell you  all soon.

x kim x

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